Whether your pet is exhibiting aggressive behavior, anxiety, boredom or is engaging in bad, repetitive habits, the first step is consulting with our veterinarian. Your pet may be suffering from underlying medical issues that need to be treated. The key to solving companion animal behavior problems is getting to the root cause.

Oftentimes a few smaller behavior problems can actually be symptoms of a much larger issue. We will start with a thorough health analysis before moving forward with any kind of behavior modification plan. When we’ve determined precisely what behavior issue we’re dealing with, we’ll work with you to develop a plan for overcoming the problem once and for all.

Through basic obedience advice, proven behavior modification tips, and/or behavior-altering medications, we are confident that your pet will develop into the balanced, well-behaved family member he or she was meant to be. In more severe cases, we work with and can refer to board certified behaviorists in the area.